WOODEN FURNITURE – An asset to own

Be it for comfort or luxury, furniture is important and must have an asset. Even with advances in technology and industry substituting alternatives on wooden furniture with other materials, wooden furniture still has the upper hand. It is the buyer’s first and prime choice. There are many companies designing furniture from varying qualities of different wood and designs to meet their customers demand. Hence the trend of buying wooden furniture for office and residential use is commonly witnessed.

Any type of wood can be used but some woods have been favored to make wooden furniture for its durability, workability, and its beauty. Today, ash, pine, gum, and popular, is commonly used to make wooden furniture. The hidden pieces are made from pine, fir, and other inexpensive woods. For the very good furniture, rarest of the woods are used and with it, less expensive wood is used in hidden pieces.

Certain characteristics in woods are important to determine the quality of wood used in furniture. Some are:

Hardness: It is important to assess if the wood is hardwood or soft wood. This is a botanical differentiation. The hardwoods are flowering trees while softwoods are conifers. Hardwoods are preferred and more valuable than softwoods because the wood is scared.

Grain and color: This is the most reliable and practical way to identify the best wood. Hardwood has tubular cells, visible as pores in the wood. If the cells are large then a filler is used to smoothen the surface as the surface is rough.

This does not require filling. Softwoods are considered as close-grained. All species of trees have different colors and this is useful in identifying the wood. The trees have annual growth rings, which are formed as the tree grows. This arrangement of the rings adds to the beauty of the wood.

Hardwood is preferred then softwood as they have rich and fine textured grain. Woods with a unique pattern are more valuable and in demand.

When designing furniture be its chair, table, a cot or any other furniture the rare woods are used where the appearance is of value. The table tops have very good quality wood. The legs of the table are made up of more common woods. This multiple wood construction is difficult to identify.

It becomes pronounced as the old finish is removed. Most common finish, the walnut table may not be having walnut legs. It may have gum stained legs. This may be matched with walnut because of its staining to approximate the color. The multiple wood combinations require special refining treatment.